Sims 4 Gallery

Welcome to my Sims 4 Gallery page.  Some of these are related to my legacy, while others might not be.  This is where I’ll post up photos of some of my rooms, houses, and sim families that will be available on my gallery.  If you’re interested in adding any of them to your game, just search for VanillaChaiPWNS the next time you log into the gallery.  If you use any of my content in a blog or video, please link me to them in the comments.  I’d love to see what you do!


09-14-14_3-10 AM

Artistic Retreat – Residential Lot

This two bedroom, two bathroom, modern home is perfect for the inspired small family.  The first floor includes a spacious loft-like open floor plan with a living area, dining area, kitchen, and entertainment space, as well as a full bath.  The second floor includes a lovely art gallery wall, master bedroom, wardrobe, and en-suite master bath, as well as a second bedroom fit for a child or teenage girl.  Home comes fully furnished and decorated.

First Floor

09-14-14_2-59 AM

09-14-14_2-59 AM-2

09-06-14_6-44 PM-3

09-14-14_3-07 AM-3

09-06-14_6-44 PM-2

09-14-14_3-07 AM-2

09-10-14_7-05 AM

 09-14-14_3-08 AM

09-14-14_3-07 AM-4

09-14-14_3-08 AM-3

09-06-14_6-45 PM-3

Second Floor

09-14-14_3-01 AM

09-14-14_3-05 AM-6

09-14-14_3-01 AM-3

09-14-14_3-02 AM-3

09-14-14_3-03 AM

09-14-14_3-03 AM-3

09-14-14_3-03 AM-4

09-14-14_3-04 AM

09-14-14_3-04 AM-2

09-14-14_3-04 AM-3

09-14-14_3-05 AM-4

09-14-14_3-06 AM

09-14-14_3-07 AM


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