1.4 – Leveling Up

In the last chapter we added two new Keenans to the bunch, played some more video games, gardened, and teenage Arya developed a crush or two.

We open up this chapter with Brock’s selfie with his newest bff Zachary Busch.  Just a few more friends to go before he hits the Social Butterfly aspiration.

And who’s that photobombing the boys?  Celeste!  She aged up with the Active trait and aspires to be an Artistic Prodigy.

09-13-14_8-01 PM-2

She stole Zach away from Brock to have a chat about unicorns and candy.

09-13-14_8-04 PM-2

Brock didn’t mind to share his friends with his little sis (and newest bff – this kid makes friends really quickly).

09-13-14_8-08 PM-2

Arya – “So uhm… I was wondering if you could tell me about the birds and the bees.”

09-13-14_8-16 PM

Dawn – “A little help here?”

09-13-14_8-17 PM-2

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1.3 – Lottsa babies!

Last chapter, Arya aged up to a child, Dawn and Jimmy suffered from sleep deprivation, and we finally got some walls!  Jimmy put on some moves and Dawn was swept off her feet.

Those streamers mean baby number two is on the way!  Dawn doesn’t look too thrilled about it, though.

09-12-14_9-10 PM

Her aspiration to have a big happy family required her to read to her child for three hours.  Poor Dawn only got through a few pages before her morning sickness kicked in again.

09-12-14_9-25 PM-3

Jimmy’s been working really hard to advance in his skills and careers.  Renaissance sim is pretty darn difficult.  Hopefully he can achieve it in his lifetime.

09-12-14_9-28 PM

Dawn, almost in her third trimester, is still keeping her garden absolutely lovely.

(For those trying the Legacy challenge as well, I definitely recommend starting your own little garden.  This thing is quite the money-maker once you’ve evolved the plants a few times)

09-12-14_9-32 PM

Baby number two is due any time now, and Dawn is feeling a bit sore from the extra weight.

09-12-14_9-45 PM-2  09-12-14_9-48 PM

Later that night, as she began to climb into bed, her labor started.

09-12-14_9-54 PM-2

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1.2 – Lawn Living

Last chapter we left off with Dawn’s very first day of morning sickness.

09-11-14_9-19 PM-3

Knowing just how expensive her little nudger would be, Dawn decided to try her hand at fishing.

09-11-14_9-23 PM

She wasn’t too successful… only a few tiny fish and some driftwood.

09-11-14_9-25 PM

After making a phone call to join the Astronaut career, Jimmy joined in the fishing fun, but was even worse at it than she was.

Jimmy –  “I blame it on the bunny slippers”

09-11-14_9-21 PM

Later that night, the morning sickness finally got to Dawn.  Or I guess it could’ve been the disgusting mess that they’ve left all over their counter.

09-11-14_9-32 PM-2

Ahh.  Much better.

09-11-14_9-35 PM-3

After cleaning up, Jimmy was super sweet and gave prego-mama a nice massage to ease that tension.

09-11-14_9-36 PM-2

09-11-14_9-38 PM-2

The next morning, Dawn invested in a lovely new bassinet in preparation for her little one… who, judging by that ginormous belly of hers… was due any day now.

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1.1 – Meet the Founder

Hello there!  Welcome to my first Sims 4 Legacy Challenge!  If you have no clue what that means, or just want to read a bit more about what the rules and Succession laws are, head over to my About page before you get started.

Now to introduce our lovely legacy founder… Dawn Keenan.  She’s a bit on the geeky side, a total genius, and a sucker for a little romance.  She aspires to have a Big Happy Family someday.

09-11-14_7-10 AMHere she is checking out her new, completely empty, totally huge plot of land.

09-11-14_7-09 AM-3

After a few phone calls, she had her brand new furniture dropped off.  No walls as of yet… but hopefully someday!

09-11-14_7-17 AM

She made one last phone call to join the Tech Guru career, because who doesn’t want to play video games for a living?

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