1.4 – Leveling Up

In the last chapter we added two new Keenans to the bunch, played some more video games, gardened, and teenage Arya developed a crush or two.

We open up this chapter with Brock’s selfie with his newest bff Zachary Busch.  Just a few more friends to go before he hits the Social Butterfly aspiration.

And who’s that photobombing the boys?  Celeste!  She aged up with the Active trait and aspires to be an Artistic Prodigy.

09-13-14_8-01 PM-2

She stole Zach away from Brock to have a chat about unicorns and candy.

09-13-14_8-04 PM-2

Brock didn’t mind to share his friends with his little sis (and newest bff – this kid makes friends really quickly).

09-13-14_8-08 PM-2

Arya – “So uhm… I was wondering if you could tell me about the birds and the bees.”

09-13-14_8-16 PM

Dawn – “A little help here?”

09-13-14_8-17 PM-2

Luckily for Dawn, the awkward conversation was broken up by the chatter of Brock and Celeste.

Phew!  Dodged that bullet.

09-13-14_8-18 PM-3 Celeste liked to mock Draco when she was bored.

You should be working on your artsy skills, young lady.

09-13-14_8-22 PM-6

Brock uplifted Draco’s spirits when his little sister brought them down.

09-13-14_8-23 PM

The house got a makeover to give Arya her own double bed.  Note the three kids beds?  Yep.  Daniel aged up too.  He got the Outgoing trait and the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

09-13-14_8-41 PM 09-13-14_8-42 PM

With three energetic kids in the house (who needed to build motor and social skills) we decided a trip to Desert Bloom park was in order.

Celeste used some of her attitude on Eliza Pancakes…

09-13-14_8-54 PM 09-13-14_8-54 PM-2

but Eliza thought it was funny and played along.

09-13-14_8-55 PM

As the sun began to set, friendships were formed.

09-13-14_8-58 PM

Behold Brock’s newest bff – Darion Swan.

09-13-14_9-02 PM-2

Arya began writing stories in her spare time outside of school.

09-13-14_9-07 PM

The refrigerator broke… and due to my fear of sparks directly above water, I decided to just replace it instead of risking anyone’s life.

(We need service npc’s back!)

09-13-14_9-08 PM-2 09-13-14_9-13 PM

Speaking of no npc’s… does anyone else tense up every time the stove is used now?

09-13-14_9-14 PM-8

No fires this time! 🙂

09-13-14_9-14 PM-10

Brock invited over a few more neighborhood kids to work towards his Social Butterfly aspiration.

09-13-14_9-30 PM

The next morning, he and Daniel felt that the bed was a better spot to eat and do homework.

09-13-14_9-52 PM

Jimmy continued climbing one of the many different ladders he attempting to climb (darn renaissance sim aspiration!)

09-13-14_10-01 PM-2

Dawn came home from work in a flirty mood after her newest promotion to Pro Gamer (or the one after that… it’s been a while since I played this part)

09-13-14_10-08 PM

Brock with the guy who taught him everything… Sir Draco Fluff’n’stuff.

  09-13-14_11-35 AM-2 09-13-14_11-37 AM-2

Despite the craziness of having one hormonal teenager, three hyperactive kids, and a full-time job – Dawn the Incredible was still able to maintain that gorgeous garden of hers.

Jimmy helped too.

09-13-14_12-02 AM-3

A father-son trip to the park began with a zombie impression… ?

09-13-14_12-03 PM-4

Then, Jimmy started looking for treasure…

09-13-14_12-15 PM

… while Brock took over the pirate ship.

09-13-14_12-08 PM

He had to make some adult friends, and for some reason his parents didn’t count towards the required number, so he asked Summer to play pretend sea monster…

09-13-14_12-12 PM

and then he kicked her butt in a game of chess.

09-13-14_12-14 PM-2

The next day, he tried to make friends with Bella Goth, but she wasn’t interested at all.

09-13-14_12-28 PM-2

So instead, he paid a visit to his neighbors who lived in a super massive, totally awesome house.

09-13-14_12-31 PM

After many make-believe stories and jokes, Brock officially completed his childhood aspiration and maxed out his social skills!  He was giving the Socially Gifted trait as a reward.

09-13-14_12-35 PM

Exhausted, he made his way back home.

09-13-14_12-37 PM

Poor little dude passed out just outside of his room.

09-13-14_12-39 PM

Luckily, it was the weekend.  So, while Brock slept in, Daniel worked on his violin skills and drove his mother and sister absolutely mad.

09-14-14_4-12 PM-4

With the weekend, came time for a dual birthday party for Arya and Brock!

Alice… I don’t think that’s appropriate attire for a child’s birthday party…

09-13-14_10-48 PM 09-13-14_10-48 PM-2 09-13-14_10-52 PM-2  09-13-14_11-05 PM-2

First to blow out the candles was Brock.  His traits are now Good, Lazy, and Socially Gifted.  His new aspiration is Party Animal.

09-13-14_11-10 PM

Next up was Arya.  As a young adult, her traits are now Bookworm, Geek, Ambitious, Business Savvy, and Creatively Gifted (from achieving her Artistic Prodigy aspiration as a child)

Her adult aspiration is Fabulously Wealthy.

09-13-14_11-13 PM-4

Now it’s Brock’s turn to go crazy – courtesy of Daniel’s lovely violin screeches.

09-14-14_4-15 PM-3

Celeste gets in on it, too.

09-14-14_4-17 PM

What happened next was one of the funniest moments I’ve experienced in The Sims 4 thus far.

Jimmy threw a temper-tantrum and stomped outside.  Before I could stop him, he kicked over the trash can, spilling garbage everywhere.  As punishment, I made him pick up the can and put the garbage back in.

09-14-14_4-23 PM-2

His response?

He stomped on the lawn puddle….

09-14-14_4-23 PM-3 09-14-14_4-23 PM-4

… then glared at me.

09-14-14_4-23 PM-5

Hot-headed sim is hot-headed.

09-14-14_4-24 PM

Dawn got in some chess with Arya… although I don’t think it was a very fair match.

09-14-14_4-37 PM

09-14-14_4-37 PM-3

Alice dropped by unexpectedly (but clothed… thank plumbobs!).

Celeste is still traumatized.

09-14-14_4-43 PM-2

Brock went through a rebel phase.  It didn’t last long.

09-14-14_4-48 PM

And Dawn reached the top of the Tech Guru career as a Champion Gamer!

She also has her video game skillz maxed out.  (two points for the Keenans!)

09-14-14_4-46 PM-2

At this point, I decided to roll for the next generation’s heir.  Because I am using the Traditional Bloodline Law, I only rolled between 1 and 3 (1 – Arya, 2 – Brock, and 3 – Celeste) because Daniel was adopted.

Just a recap of each potential heir before the reveal….


Arya Keenan (picture is from the next chapter)

Current Age – Young Adult

Traits – Bookworm, Geek, Ambitious, Business Savvy, Creatively Gifted

Child Aspiration – Artistic Prodigy (complete)

Adult Aspiration – Fabulously Wealthy


Brock Keenan

Current Age – Teen

Traits – Good, Lazy, Socially Gifted

Child Aspiration – Social Butterfly (complete)

Adult Aspiration – Party Animal


Celeste Keenan

Current Age – Child

Traits – Active

Childhood Aspiration – Artistic Prodigy


Daniel Keenan (adopted)

Current Age – Child

Traits – Outgoing

Childhood Aspiration – Artistic Prodigy


And the winner is…



Next time we’ll see our generation 2 heiress and her siblings all grown up and get some new goals for the Keenan Legacy.


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