1.3 – Lottsa babies!

Last chapter, Arya aged up to a child, Dawn and Jimmy suffered from sleep deprivation, and we finally got some walls!  Jimmy put on some moves and Dawn was swept off her feet.

Those streamers mean baby number two is on the way!  Dawn doesn’t look too thrilled about it, though.

09-12-14_9-10 PM

Her aspiration to have a big happy family required her to read to her child for three hours.  Poor Dawn only got through a few pages before her morning sickness kicked in again.

09-12-14_9-25 PM-3

Jimmy’s been working really hard to advance in his skills and careers.  Renaissance sim is pretty darn difficult.  Hopefully he can achieve it in his lifetime.

09-12-14_9-28 PM

Dawn, almost in her third trimester, is still keeping her garden absolutely lovely.

(For those trying the Legacy challenge as well, I definitely recommend starting your own little garden.  This thing is quite the money-maker once you’ve evolved the plants a few times)

09-12-14_9-32 PM

Baby number two is due any time now, and Dawn is feeling a bit sore from the extra weight.

09-12-14_9-45 PM-2  09-12-14_9-48 PM

Later that night, as she began to climb into bed, her labor started.

09-12-14_9-54 PM-2

She sat down to eat a bowl of cereal, but changed her mind when the contractions really hit.

09-12-14_9-55 PM

She got dressed and waddled off to the hospital, while Jimmy proceeded to freak out and run around like a lunatic.  He ran all the way to the neighbor’s yard, flailing his arms.  I lol’d so hard!

09-12-14_9-57 PM

He calmed down a bit and came back home to meet his first born son, Brock Keenan.

09-12-14_10-22 PM-3 09-12-14_10-22 PM

Just look at those cute little legs and his adorable smile.  ❤

09-12-14_10-42 PM 09-12-14_10-42 PM-6

Dawn made some salad while little Brock took his nap.

(Note that I still haven’t given them a stove.  Don’t want them burning the house down already.)

09-12-14_10-43 PM

Arya spent most of her time in her room, making super cute macaroni and glitter pictures to max out her creativity skills.

09-12-14_9-47 PM

Wowza.  Juggling work and a new baby means a lot less time for gardening.  Better clean up those weeds.

09-12-14_10-45 PM

Somehow Brock was able to sleep through that terrible squeal of the violin.  It doesn’t seem to improve with her skills… which I find a bit strange.

She achieved her childhood aspiration to be an Artistic Prodigy and gained the Creatively Gifted trait as a bonus!

09-12-14_11-05 PM-3

Whoa Jimmy… woohoo on the computer screen with your daughter in the room?  I do not approve.

09-12-14_11-00 PM

Hot-headed Jimmy stomps around the house most of the time.

Jimmy – “Stupid dirty diapers!  Grrrrr!”

Seriously, though… those bunny slippers.

09-12-14_11-11 PM

It was almost Brock’s birthday, so Jimmy and Dawn decided it was time to make baby number 3.

 09-12-14_10-32 PM

Brock didn’t get a birthday party – but here he is (pre-makeover).

He gained the Good trait and aspires to be a Social Butterfly.

09-12-14_11-15 PM

Hip bump!

Brock made friends with their neighbor, Summer, right away… despite their age difference.

09-13-14_1-03 PM-2

Dawn’s baby bump began to show…

09-13-14_1-08 PM09-13-14_1-01 PM  09-13-14_1-10 PM09-13-14_1-12 PM

… and before she knew it… it was time!

09-13-14_1-15 PM-3

After returning from the hospital, poor mama almost made it to the bed before passing out.  :/

09-13-14_1-19 PM

Meet baby number three – Celeste Keenan!

And Arya decided it was the perfect time to take a selfie.

(She aged up to teen without a party… she was super sad about it, too.  She got the Geek trait and her new aspiration is to be Fabulously Wealthy.)

09-13-14_1-20 PM

Aside from the selfie situation, Arya was a great big sister.  She was a huge help with her baby sister.

09-13-14_1-20 PM-2

Father – daughter lovin’s.

09-13-14_1-27 PM-2 09-13-14_1-28 PM

Dawn still found time to get some serious gaming done… and to do some research.

09-13-14_1-35 PM

Autonomous sibling selfie.

These two are bffs and I love it.

09-13-14_1-41 PM 09-13-14_1-41 PM-4

One morning, when the kids went off to school, Dawn brought up something that she’d been thinking about for a while.


09-13-14_1-43 PM-3

Jimmy was a bit stressed out already.

09-13-14_1-57 PM-2

Ultimately, though, he knew that they could handle another child.

Dawn went straight to the computer to research adoption agencies.

09-13-14_2-43 PM-3

Welcome to the family little Daniel Keenan!

09-13-14_2-55 PM

Even with two infants, Dawn found time to read to Brock.

09-13-14_2-33 PM  09-13-14_2-36 PM-4

… and get in some chess games.

 09-13-14_8-25 PMg

Brock and Arya took a trip to the local park to make some friends.

09-13-14_2-59 PM09-13-14_3-02 PM 09-13-14_3-02 PM-4 09-13-14_3-03 PM-2

Does anybody else seem to always have at least one homeless looking sim asleep on a park bench?

This happens every. single. time.

09-13-14_3-04 PM 09-13-14_3-04 PM-2

Arya met a cute boy named Mattias.

09-13-14_7-12 PM-2

He didn’t seem to be in a great mood, though.

09-13-14_7-14 PM-2

She really had to pee, but he left before she got back.

Better luck next time, girly.

09-13-14_7-15 PM-5

Brock and Nicolas hit it off right away.  They became close friends in no time.

09-13-14_7-17 PM-2 09-13-14_7-17 PM-4

Then, Alexander Goth joined in on the conversation.

09-13-14_7-18 PM-2

It appears that Arya has a little crush.

Arya – *swooooon*

Don’t get any ideas.  He’s off limits. 😦

09-13-14_7-19 PM-3

Bestie hugs!

09-13-14_7-21 PM

Bummed after being unlucky in the love department, Arya spent the morning jogging and thinking of ways to win over Mattias.

09-13-14_7-29 PM

And with that, I leave you with one more cute family picture.

09-13-14_7-29 PM-3

Stay tuned for the next chapter and a revealing of the second generation heir!


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