1.2 – Lawn Living

Last chapter we left off with Dawn’s very first day of morning sickness.

09-11-14_9-19 PM-3

Knowing just how expensive her little nudger would be, Dawn decided to try her hand at fishing.

09-11-14_9-23 PM

She wasn’t too successful… only a few tiny fish and some driftwood.

09-11-14_9-25 PM

After making a phone call to join the Astronaut career, Jimmy joined in the fishing fun, but was even worse at it than she was.

Jimmy –  “I blame it on the bunny slippers”

09-11-14_9-21 PM

Later that night, the morning sickness finally got to Dawn.  Or I guess it could’ve been the disgusting mess that they’ve left all over their counter.

09-11-14_9-32 PM-2

Ahh.  Much better.

09-11-14_9-35 PM-3

After cleaning up, Jimmy was super sweet and gave prego-mama a nice massage to ease that tension.

09-11-14_9-36 PM-2

09-11-14_9-38 PM-2

The next morning, Dawn invested in a lovely new bassinet in preparation for her little one… who, judging by that ginormous belly of hers… was due any day now.

09-11-14_10-03 PM-2

They also got a tv.  In hindsight, Dawn wished they hadn’t.

No walls + loud noises = no sleep.

09-11-14_10-08 PM

Jimmy spent the whole night planting a beautiful (and lucrative) garden for his lovely wife… mostly to make up for waking her up early that morning.

09-11-14_10-16 PM

D’awww pouty face!  Lawn living is the worst.

09-11-14_10-27 PM-2

Just as Dawn went into labor, her darling husband decided to fall asleep.

09-11-14_10-28 PM 09-11-14_10-28 PM-2 09-11-14_10-28 PM-3 09-11-14_10-28 PM-4

But once she saw that adorable little face, she forgot all of her troubles.

09-11-14_10-32 PM 09-11-14_10-32 PM-2

Welcome to the world little Arya Keenan.

09-11-14_10-32 PM-4

Ahh… no walls.  Gotta love it.

09-11-14_10-34 PM

They spent a majority of Arya’s infanthood with their fingers in their ears.

09-11-14_10-36 PM

On the bright side, though, their garden was beginning to grow beautifully…

09-11-14_10-37 PM09-11-14_10-45 PM

and they still found time to love on each other…

09-11-14_10-37 PM-2

but sleep… sleep wasn’t a luxury they could afford.

09-11-14_10-46 PM

Dawn – “Totally worth the lack of sleep.”

09-11-14_10-58 PM 09-11-14_10-57 PM

After a couple more paychecks, some fossil and frog hunting, and selling some of their gardening goodies, they were finally able to afford some walls and a few cheap lights!  It isn’t much, but it’ll do.

(Note the bassinet in the living room)

09-11-14_11-11 PM

Not long after the remodel, Arya aged up to a child.

(I’m really not fond of that… a child jumping out of a bassinet.  Seriously EA?!  Bring back toddlers!  /end rant)

The little family took a trip to the library so Dawn could get some gaming skills up and Jimmy could work on his logic.

09-11-14_11-49 PM-3 09-11-14_11-49 PM-4 09-11-14_11-49 PM-5

A bed for Arya was added in the living area.  She didn’t seem to mind that she didn’t have her own room.

09-11-14_11-59 PM-2

Dawn still took trips to the park to grab whatever free food she could.  When you’re living on a lawn for so long, you get used to the handouts.

  09-11-14_11-55 PM-3

After work one night, while Arya was busy with her drawings, they snuck away into their room for some cutesy lovey stuff.

09-12-14_7-14 AM 09-12-14_7-14 AM-3

(seriously, you two… stop being so adorable!)

09-12-14_7-14 AM-7

Apparently it didn’t get much further.  The next morning, Jimmy’s hot-headed nature had him stomping all over the place.

09-12-14_7-14 PM

There was another small remodel done to the house.  Arya got her own room and they finally got some new flooring and wallpaper put up.  They also got a new computer so Dawn could do her programming at home.

  09-12-14_7-46 PM

The garden gets out-of-control amounts of weeds.  Like whoa.

(It seems to take a lot more time to garden than it did in the Sims 3)

09-12-14_7-59 PM 09-12-14_7-54 PM

I forgot to mention, but when Arya grew into a child, she gained the Bookworm trait and her childhood aspiration was Artistic Prodigy.  So, she does a lot of this.

09-12-14_8-03 PM 09-12-14_8-03 PM-2

and some of this, too.

09-12-14_8-30 PM

She also enjoys playing video games… like mother, like daughter.

09-12-14_8-09 PM

Although it’s cute that she takes after her mom, it makes it a bit hard for Dawn to get her work done.

09-12-14_8-09 PM-3

So she kicked her out to go eat her dinner and chat with her dad.

Jimmy – “One day soon, you’ll be the one out here slaving in the garden.”

Oh how sweet.

09-12-14_8-14 PM-3

We added in a small dining table (so they’d stop standing around or sitting on beds to eat), and a chess set to enhance that “focused” moodlet more often.

09-12-14_8-26 PM

Arya kept beating Jimmy and he couldn’t figure out why.

09-12-14_8-27 PM-5  09-12-14_8-28 PM

Boring gardening stuff…

09-12-14_8-33 PM

Uhm… why is your plant glowing?

Dawn – “I talked to it.  It’s evolving into a ‘very nice’ plant now.”

Oh okay.  That makes sense.

(Side note, this is a pretty awesome feature.  I hated having to replant the better quality seeds all of the time.  Kudos, EA.)

09-12-14_8-33 PM-2 09-12-14_8-34 PM


09-12-14_8-35 PM

More violin skillz.

09-12-14_8-55 PM

Brace yourself.  Super-cute-lovey pictures are coming.

09-12-14_9-03 PM 09-12-14_9-03 PM-2 09-12-14_9-03 PM-3 09-12-14_9-03 PM-4 09-12-14_9-03 PM-5 09-12-14_9-04 PM 09-12-14_9-04 PM-2 09-12-14_9-04 PM-3 09-12-14_9-04 PM-4 09-12-14_9-05 PM 09-12-14_9-05 PM-2 09-12-14_9-05 PM-3  09-12-14_9-09 PM 09-12-14_9-09 PM-2 09-12-14_9-09 PM-3

No more lullaby… so we’ll see what Dawn’s pregnancy test says in the morning!

09-12-14_9-09 PM-4

…. to be continued.


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