1.1 – Meet the Founder

Hello there!  Welcome to my first Sims 4 Legacy Challenge!  If you have no clue what that means, or just want to read a bit more about what the rules and Succession laws are, head over to my About page before you get started.

Now to introduce our lovely legacy founder… Dawn Keenan.  She’s a bit on the geeky side, a total genius, and a sucker for a little romance.  She aspires to have a Big Happy Family someday.

09-11-14_7-10 AMHere she is checking out her new, completely empty, totally huge plot of land.

09-11-14_7-09 AM-3

After a few phone calls, she had her brand new furniture dropped off.  No walls as of yet… but hopefully someday!

09-11-14_7-17 AM

She made one last phone call to join the Tech Guru career, because who doesn’t want to play video games for a living?

09-11-14_7-17 AM-3

Then she took off to the local library to get her game on.

09-11-14_8-12 PM

She ran into a few locals while she button-mashed her way through some Sims Forever.  Hmm… perhaps our new baby-daddy?

09-11-14_8-16 PM

… or not.

09-11-14_8-16 PM-5

Since Dawn wasn’t having much luck finding Mr. Right, she decided to search for some stuff to help get some walls around her bathroom.

09-11-14_8-23 PM


09-11-14_8-24 PM-2

and frogs…

  09-11-14_8-27 PM

and… burgers!

09-11-14_8-28 PM-5

When you’re this broke, you never turn down free food… even if you find it in the park.

  09-11-14_8-29 PM-3

Sweet ‘stache, dude.

09-11-14_8-41 PM

After stuffing her face, Dawn decided to buckle down and REALLY look for an eligible bachelor.  Now, with the rules of the challenge stating that she can only date those sims who are unable to be played, she was quite limited in her selections.  She chatted up these guys, but didn’t really get the butterflies, until…

09-11-14_8-42 PM-2

…she met Jimmy Elias.  Hot-headed, materialistic, and an art lover… what’s not to love?

09-11-14_8-44 PM


09-11-14_8-50 PM

09-11-14_8-50 PM-2

They really hit it off… and in no time, Dawn was throwing out her best “sexy poses”

  09-11-14_8-52 PM

  09-11-14_8-52 PM-2

  09-11-14_8-52 PM-4

  09-11-14_8-52 PM-5

It was love at first sight.

09-11-14_8-53 PM-2

.. and they were officially dating.

09-11-14_8-53 PM-3

Later on that evening (because in Sim-world… stuff happens FAST) Dawn decided to get all dolled up and meet her lovely new boyfriend by the water (aka… just outside of her lot… check out that view!).

09-11-14_9-01 PM-3

Jimmy dropped to one knee…

09-11-14_9-01 PM-4

and proposed!

09-11-14_9-02 PM-2

Of course, she said yes.

09-11-14_9-02 PM-5

Better catch, Jimmy!

09-11-14_9-02 PM-6

Whew… close one.

09-11-14_9-02 PM-9

They decided not to spend any money on an elaborate wedding (since they don’t have any money… at all… like 15 simoleons total) and opted for a quick tying of the knot all by their lonesome.

09-11-14_9-04 PM-3

09-11-14_9-04 PM-6

09-11-14_9-04 PM-8

Super adorbs.

09-11-14_9-04 PM-9

As soon as they were hitched, she took off without him to go home and sleep.

09-11-14_9-09 PM

Nice try, Dawn… it’s honeymoon night.  You’re not getting away with that one.

09-11-14_9-11 PM

09-11-14_9-11 PM-2

Jimmy didn’t bring in any money (due to some added spouse rules, none of them will anymore), so breakfast in bed was kinda the only option.  He doesn’t seem to mind.

09-11-14_9-14 PM-4

While his beloved snoozed, Jimmy decided to contribute a bit to the household income.

With frogs…

09-11-14_9-17 PM-2

… and fossils.

09-11-14_9-17 PM-3

When Dawn woke up, she went straight to the toilet to take a pregnancy test.

09-11-14_9-19 PM

Success!  She’s officially eating for two!

09-11-14_9-19 PM-2

Oh dear… morning sickness already… this is gonna be one fun ride…

09-11-14_9-19 PM-3

Author’s note:  Thanks for checking out my legacy.  Sorry for the short length for this post, but I’ve played pretty far ahead, so I should have a new chapter up tomorrow… possibly several more… maybe even up to the heir vote!  Comment, like, share, whatever you wish.  See you soon, lovely Simmers.


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